Dina Hin

Avenger of Kord & Sehanine


Dina is an Avenger wielding a wicked-looking fullblade. She darts into combat, pulls aside enemies, and strikes with the force of all of her allies. She has also been known to call down righteous fires which incinerate the enemies of her God and Goddess.


Dina arrived in Graceport during the Landing and she quickly took to the streets of Graceport. A roguish type, she isn’t above twisting facts or using every bit of her natural advantage to get ahead.

Recently, she was contacted by a mysterious patron who drew her to Nine-Spires Cathedral. Through a series of trials, Dina has earned the right to join a shadowy group that call themselves “The Nine,” and claim to ensure Nine-Spires represents the best interests of the city in the capacity of a sort of secret police. She has not yet acted on the opportunity.


  • Normally, Dina is an attractive woman. When shifted, she appears as a feline humanoid with orange fur and dark stripes.
  • She carries a fullblade, wears robes, and moves with grace.

Dina Hin

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