Heskan Puretone

Cleric of Pelor


Heskan Puretone is a Dragonborn battle cleric who wields a triple-headed flail. He deftly juggles the tasks of keeping the party standing with astounding healing power and dealing melee and area damage, inspiring his allies to increase their defenses, and rebuking his foes.


Heskan was an orphan in the care of the House of the Sun, where he met Prior Weymar who quickly gained his respect and paternal affection. While there, he was educated in the ways of the light, taught to protect the innocent and deal justly with everyone he met. When he was old enough, he was given care of the bell-tower, ringing the hours of the day.

One such fateful day, he interrupted the robbery of a store he was at and for the second time unleashed his dragon breath. He took up the triple-headed flail that one of the slain thieves had carried, and shortly thereafter was sent to Nine-Spires in the service of Pelor.


  • Heskan is a blue Dragonborn.
  • He carries a golden sun—his holy symbol of Pelor—at his hip.
  • Heskan Puretone does not sing; don’t ask him to.

Heskan Puretone

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