Baba Yaga

Gnawer of Bones


Among the ranks of the Archfey, Baba Yaga maintains her position not because of adoring followers but because of her sheer power. When you imagine that a stray word from her can mean an eternal curse, one wonders what her full wrath might mean.

Oh children beware: do not misbehave!
There is an old witch whose chin needs a shave
She lives in a house on the edge of the woods.
She will eat you right up if you are not good!
Her home is not natural—its location discrete;
It moves place to place on two chicken feet.
Baba Yaga is hungry, her body bone thin…
She is fueled by an evil that comes from within
Please mind your parents, and do what they like.
For if you act up she will eat you tonight!
—Folk Tale from Luxurion

Baba Yaga is the stuff of nightmares. Little is known about the hag in reality except that she dominates the Murkendraw in the Feywild.

Rumor surrounds the witch—that she lives in a hut with chicken’s legs, that she eats children and uses their bones to decorate her mysterious house, and finally, that although despised, she is perhaps the most powerful of the archfey.

Some have said that after they amused her, Baba Yaga let them go, even perhaps helping them in some way. Others have sought out the archfey to never return.

Baba Yaga

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