Prince of Frost

Lord of the Long Night...


The Prince of Frost is mentioned only in brief, fearful whispers—except for his followers. Facing him in combat is nigh-on-unthinkable.


Along with several others, including Tiandra and Baba Yaga, the Prince of Frost is one of the powerful Archfey that rule the Feywild—their power and the loyalty of their followers beyond that of any mortal but lesser than a God. Where Tiandra is the warm kiss of the summer sun and Baba Yaga is the mad cackle of a hag on halloween, the Prince of Frost is the cold snap of winter wind threatening frostbite at every turn.

Legend has it that at the end of the Great Drow War, the Prince of Frost lost his love and his heart slowly froze, filling him with bitterness and malice. Slowly, his pain and cruelty corrupted the land around him, changing the once verdant valley he called home into the Vale of Long Night—an icy cavern that seemingly drowns all hope of warmth. As he and his lands faded into wintry sadness, his former friends mourned his pain but could find no way to lessen it.


  • The Prince of Frost’s hair turned white over time, and his eyes changed from a bright green to a sheer ice-blue.

Prince of Frost

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