Explorers, Society of the

The Explorers are the smallest society within the Mirror Enclave, and they therefore contribute the least to the Enclave’s funds except perhaps indirectly—for example, when they manage to perfect a new spell that wizards outside the Enclave will pay to learn.

Notable Members: Leyanna

Ritual, Symbols, and Structure
The Explorers have little ceremony within their group, preferring to spend their time engaged in research or conducting experiments. The society has become divided in the last several years between two camps: one is deeply involved in study, creating occasional new spells and discovering new stars, as well as lobbying for funding to send an expedition through the entire Waste to discover how it is expanding at such a rate. The other camp has been attempting to steer the society towards a new purpose. The problem is that the “true explorers” as they call themselves aren’t paying attention to the “reformers,” and the reformers haven’t nailed down what their new purpose would be.

  • Adept Robes: Blue
  • Membership Pin Symbol: Spyglass
  • Leader’s Title: Theorist

Enclave Politics
Explorers are the only group to have no enmity with any of the other societies inside the Enclave. They are perhaps most commonly allied with the Librarians due to their oddly similar yet contrary purposes. Along with the Librarians, the tend to oppose the Ambassadors.

Notably, Leyanna won the post of Potions Master for her society despite the position normally being held by a Craftsman—the fallout from that event has not yet registered.

Explorers, Society of the

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