Librarians, Society of the

The Librarians are a society of Adepts within the Mirror Enclave.

The Librarians are of middling size when compared with their sister societies within the Enclave. Notably, some librarians are contracted as tutors or advisors from the tower for the children of Graceport Nobles, and so do contribute a fair amount towards the Enclave’s financial solvency.

Notable Members: Verin Mathwin

Ritual, Symbols, and Structure
The Librarians are perhaps the group that stand most upon ceremony within their society. They have several officers, each of whom has a specific task within the society—from counting quorum at full meetings of the society to courting apprentices in whom the society has an interest to the society’s Spymistress. Of course, each of them defers to the Custodian, which is chosen through nominations and finally a popular vote of the entire membership of the society. Custodial Elections have been known to span years as the final ballots are retrieved from members near and far, in which time the other officers squabble amongst themselves but continue to fulfill their duties to the society.

  • Adept Robes: Brown
  • Membership Pin Symbol: Quill
  • Leader’s Title: Custodian

Enclave Politics
Librarians are deeply intrenched in the politics of the Enclave and are widely regarded as either the most powerful or second-most powerful group in the tower. Members of the society hold a large number of the professorial, administrative, and authoritative posts within the Enclave—rivaled only perhaps by the Magistrates. Even Headmaster Trask’s personal secretary is a Librarian named Verin. In fact, speculation amongst the societies usually agrees that if Trask had chosen a society (he is the only member of the Enclave never to have done so), he would have been a Librarian.

As to relationships with the other societies, the Librarians enjoy warm relations with the Explorers and the Craftsmen, finding that their purposes tend to align. When the Congress of the Enclave is in session, for several decades now the Brown/Blue/Yellow alliance has tended to dominate discussion and voting.

Unfortunately, the Librarians have also garnered animosity from rival societies in the Ambassadors and the Magistrates—both, the Librarians would tell you, because these societies harbor jealousy at either their expansive network of informants or their success at gaining positions for the members of their society within the Enclave.

Librarians, Society of the

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